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U.S. Trucking Companies

Relocate your office operations to Macedonia, Europe

OTL Relocate is a trusted partner to US transportation companies seeking to dramatically reduce business costs, and save millions per year, by relocating a significant portion of their office operations (dispatch, recruitment, safety, etc) to Macedonia, a hidden gem in Eastern Europe

Did You Know?

There are over 700 companies operating in Macedonia that are connected to the US trucking industry.

Who should relocate their office operations to Macedonia?

Long-haul Trucking Companies no Matter the Fleet Size who...

  • haul OTR or regional runs
  • haul dry vans, flatbeds, reefers, or tankers
  • are in need of dramatically lowering the overhead cost
  • and even freight brokerage companies!
Corporate team planning a relocation strategy with OTL Relocate

Did You Know?

In Macedonia there are over 8,000 experienced professionals that work in the US transportation industry such as dispatchers, accountants, recruiters, safety managers, billing specialists, recruiters and marketers.

US Relocation INC/LLC paperwork with OTL Relocate assistance

Why Relocate Office Operations in Macedonia?

Savings in the Millions per Year

There are many factors to be considered when making the decision of relocating the office operations to specialists in Macedonia as the best destination for ensuring the highest return on investment, but three factors are crucial:

  • A large pool of experienced and competent US Transportation specialists such as dispatchers, brokers, recruiters, marketers, accountants and more, all with exceptional English skills (written and verbal)
  • Perfect business climate for foreign investors
  • 3-5 times lower cost per employee compared to the US counterparts

Did You Know?

In Macedonia the average yearly salary of a dispatcher is $13,356.

Why let OTL Relocate handle the relocations?

We make Transport Office relocations to Macedonia easy

Like Yoda to Luke, in Macedonia, we are to you.

  • The best talent available, in your team in 1-3 months (depending on your size and needs)
  • We’ll find amazing office spaces based in the most exclusive business districts in Skopje that will attract the top local talent
  • Legal and accounting teams ready to set up your Macedonian company and keep you in compliance with the local laws and regulations
  • Instant response and minimal commitment to start the relocation
Dispatcher in Macedonia coordinating transport relocation

Did You Know?

In Macedonia the average yearly salary of a track and trace manager is $11,228.

We will connect you with

Top Operations Professionals and save you up to 70%

Positions like dispatch, safety, billing, accounting, recruitment, track and trace and marketing can be easily outsourced to our top operatives.

OTL Relocate team planning a corporate move

Choose From Two Models

Remote Operatives

Hire the first professionals in Macedonia who will manage the day-to-day operations of your business and will work from home or our offices. You will save up to $3,500 per operative each month.

Your Office

We’ll establish your first office in Macedonia and assemble a team of experienced professionals and a management structure that will enable you to scale your business further.

Relocate Company services built specifically for your business

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Start Slow, Hire The First Remote Operative and See How it Goes

We get it, relocating all of the operations at once feels risky. Start building your teams in Macedonia one by one.

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Legal, Accounting and HR Team To Open and Support Your New Company in Macedonia

Legal Team

Our legal team will open your LLC (in Macedonia the equivalent is DOO), and make sure you are compliant to the local laws.

Tailored to your needs.


Accounting Team

Our accounting team will also participate in the opening of your Macedonian LLC, to make sure you are tax compliant. After the formation is done, we provide all accounting services such as payroll, bookkeeping, balance sheet, profit and loss, and yearly statements.

HR Team

After the formation is done, our HR department, the recruiters and our marketing department will start generating applications from the experienced professionals you need, such as dispatchers, recruiters, accountants etc, so you can start saving thousands each month, asap.

Build Your Dispatch, Recruiting, Accounting, Safety and Brokerage Departments in Macedonia and save up to 70% on operating costs