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With the single goal of setting up your Macedonian office operations, and saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars each year

About OTL Relocate

Your Path to Efficiency: We will support your growth and profits

At OTL Relocate, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing the way transportation companies operate. Our mission is to empower trucking companeis by offering innovative relocation solutions that not only reduce operational costs but also enhance efficiency and productivity.

By leveraging Macedonia’s skilled workforce, cost-effective operational environment, and low-tax business climate for foreign companies, we provide our partners with a competitive edge in the US market.

Winning Strategies for Your Business
Did you know that Macedonia charges 0% VAT for US companies?

OTL Relocate Vision

Adopting The Proven Winning Strategies - If it works for giant corporations, it can work for you too!

Relocating whole factories and production processes to developing countries works for industry giants and small businesses. 

Relocating IT teams to developing countries works for IT companies from all sizes and shapes.

Why wouldn’t relocating dispatch, track, and trace, after-hours, driver recruitment, safety and accounting to a developing country work for a trucking company? 

We envision a future where transportation companies thrive through global collaboration and strategic operational efficiency.

Lowering your office operation in Macedonia
Did you know that Macedonia is a NATO member?

OTL Relocate Mission

Make Trucking Profitable Again - By lowering your office operation costs by 70%

Chosen for its economic advantages and skilled, multilingual talent pool, Macedonia stands as an ideal destination for trucking companies looking to optimize their operations.

You will be able to reduce office operation costs by 70%, while ramping up the effectiveness and efficiency by utilizing the experienced trucking professionals (dispatchers, accountants, recruiters, track and trance specialists and safety officers) Macedonia has to offer. 

Your Path to Efficiency
Did you know that most young Macedonians speak and write near-perfect English?

Our Prediction

Many trucking companies are already relocating their office operations to Macedonia and other countries in Eastern Europe, because of the obvious economic benefits.

We predict that many transportation companies who will miss that train, will be forced to shut down their businesses when the next down market hits.

Our Promise

Should you decide to relocate your offices to Macedonia, and entrust us to help you do it, we promise to make sure you get the top talent available.

We promise 100% transparency and 100% dedication to your smooth and profitable office relocations.

Did you know that Macedonia has one of the fastest, cheapest and most reliable internet connection in the world?

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