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To make sure you are 30% more profitable during a good market, and to make sure the next down market doesn’t put your transportation company out of business

Choose From Two Models

Remote Operatives - Starter

Hire the first professionals in Macedonia who will manage the day-to-day operations of your business and will work from home or our offices. You will save up to $3,500 per operative each month.

  • No Macedonian LLC (DOOEL) needed
  • No need for accounting and legal team backing you
  • Perfect for small carriers
  • Low starting costs
  • We’ll find you the first operatives you need (dispatchers, recruiters, safety officers, track and trace, after-hours specialists…)

Your Office (Macedonian LLC) - Enterprise

We’ll establish your first office in Macedonia and assemble a team of experienced professionals and a management structure that will enable you to scale your business further.

  • Macedonian LLC (DOOEL) needed
  • Our legal and accounting team will seamlessly walk you through the process and open your legal entity
  • Perfect for carriers who have 30+ trucks in their fleet
  • Perfect for carriers who already have remote operatives with us, and are ready to scale further
  • We’ll find you modern office space, set up the working infrastructure, help you hire office managers and operatives… everything you need to establish efficient operation that will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, each year!

Relocate Company services built specifically for your business

Important Notice

We are not outsourcing the professionals.

We are your legal, accounting and HR team in Macedonia that will:

  • Find you the right transport specialists such as dispatchers, recruiters, accountants, track and trace, safety officers, fleet managers, and after-hours specialists for you to employ or freelance
  • Set up your LLC (DOO) in Macedonia
  • Find you modern office spaces
  • Configure the office infrastructure needed for operations (desks, chairs, computers and screens, phone lines, internet connection, heating, coffee machines, and everything else needed for a proper office)

You have the final word in all hirings.

We will send shortlisted applications your way, you do the interviews.