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low-cost, experienced professionals in the trucking industry

And healthy banking system followed by low taxes

Reason to Relocate Office Ops to Macedonia #1

Over 8,000, low-cost Experienced Professionals in the trucking industry

There are already over 700 companies in Macedonia that operate within the US trucking industry. Most of the professionals working there are dispatchers, recruiters, track and trace specialists, fleet managers, after-hours operatives, accountants and brokers.

The average monthly salary for a experienced dispatcher is around $1,100, depending on their trailer expertise.

How much are you paying monthly for a dispatcher based in the US?

Summary #1: cost-effective professionals in your team, that will save you up to 70% on office operations.

OTL Relocate team planning a corporate move
Did you know?
Macedonia is home to many academies dedicated to providing education in "Truck Dispatching" and "CDL-A Recruitment".

Reason to Relocate Office Ops to Macedonia #2

One of the Lowest Business Taxes in Europe

Macedonia boasts one of Europe’s most attractive tax frameworks, offering significant business advantages.

Among other tax reliefs, the most outstanding one is that there is 0% VAT on invoices paid from foreign companies. That means, whenever you transfer funds from your US LLC to your Macedonian LLC (DOO) to cover all operational costs, you will pay 0% VAT on that transfer.

The other taxes are relatively low as well! 

The standard corporate tax rate for companies is 10%. Capital gains are taxed at the same rate as the corporate tax rate i.e., at 10%.

Summary #2: you will save thousands on taxes, each month, each year.


Macedonia - Lowest Business Taxes in Europe
Did you know?
Macedonia charges 0% VAT for US companies.

Reason to Relocate Office Ops to Macedonia #3

Thousands of trucking companies have already relocated their Office Operations to developing countries

…giving them a competitive edge over your business!

But Macedonia offers the perfect combination of dedicated trucking professionals, low taxes, safe environment, remarkably fast and stable internet connection, as well as low costs for office spaces.

For example, the cost to rent an office for 10 people, in the better parts in the capital Skopje, can be as low as $600 a month.

You will not only save on the monthly salaries, but on everything else needed to support the team.

Summary #3: you will also save thousands each year on rent and utility bills.

Savings on rent and utilities in Macedonia
Did you know?
The average monthly salary in Macedonia is below $1,000.

Reason to Relocate Office Ops to Macedonia #4

3-5 Hours away from some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and in the World

Ever been to Greece? Or Croatia?

You might decide to visit your Macedonian offices now and then, as you should.

Imagine this: you visit your offices in Skopje (the capital) during the summer. You stay in Skopje for a week, have your meetings, check the quality of work, meet with your employees and make sure everything is running smoothly.

And then, you spend a week or two with your family in Greece, which is just 3 hours away by car, before you go back to the States.

Summary #4: With all the savings you made with your smart investment in your Macedonian offices, you’ll be more than able to afford a family holiday in Greece!


Savings from Macedonian office investment
Did you know?
There are a lot of Macedonians that besides English, are proficient in Spanish as well. Do you work with Spanish speaking drivers?

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