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How to relocate your office operations to Macedonia

Establishing Operations in Macedonia

When you’re looking to relocate office operations such as: dispatching, accounting, safety officers, brokerage services, and recruiting to Macedonia, it’s crucial to know you’re not moving your entire company. Instead, you’re transferring specific office operations to leverage Macedonia’s strategic advantage – cost savings and operational efficiencies. We handle the end-to-end process, from setting up your LLC to finding the right transport specialists and ensuring compliance with local laws, giving you complete control over the hiring.

Setting up Legally and Financially

To start your venture in Macedonia, an initial investment of 5,000 euros is necessary, which can be deposited into a Giro account as your company’s proof of financial readiness. This initial investment can be in the form of cash or assets, with the flexibility to maintain both local and foreign currency accounts. The total initial capital must be fully deposited within a year of your company’s establishment of your company.

For this setup, individual entrepreneurs need a valid passport, while corporate entities must provide legal documentation. We ensure your company’s name is unique and complies with Macedonian laws by coordinating with the Central Registry of the Republic of North Macedonia.

LLC Transport Companies in Macedonia

Legal, Accounting, and HR Support

We provide full-service legal, accounting, and HR support to ensure a smooth transition and operation in Macedonia. 

  • Our legal team takes care of establishing your LLC, and ensures compliance with local laws.
  •  The accounting team sets up your tax-compliant company and manages essential financial services.
  •  Meanwhile, our HR team focuses on recruiting the experienced professionals needed for efficient operation, enabling quick cost savings.
Real Success Stories from the Transport Industry 

Many transport companies have successfully made the move, leveraging Macedonia’s strategic benefits:

  1. LIV Enterprises – U.S. transport company based in Chicago and Miami. They’ve successfully relocated their operations, such as dispatchers, recruiting, safety, accounting, and marketing into two separate offices in Skopje. This strategic move has not only streamlined their operations but also capitalized on the local talent pool, resulting in significant operational cost savings.

  2. AA Freight – based in Chicago, strategically relocated their key operational divisions—dispatchers, recruiting, safety, accounting, and marketing—to Macedonia. This move has enabled them to harness Macedonia’s competitive operational costs and skilled workforce, enhancing their efficiency and profitability.

  3. MIT Logistics – from Kenvil, New Jerseѕ; has adopted a hybrid working model for their dispatcher operations in Macedonia. This innovative approach offers their team the flexibility to work either from the office or remotely, optimizing operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

  4. LMV Logistics, an Illinois-based trucking company, has also relocated their dispatcher operations to Macedonia, adopting a hybrid work model. This approach has not only improved their operational efficiency but also offered their employees the flexibility to work in an environment that best suits their needs.

  5.  HMD Trucking, a Chicago-based trucking company, took a strategic leap by relocating its entire operations to a modern business building in Skopje.  This move encompassed their brokerage, factoring, recruiting, and after-hours operations, representing a comprehensive shift designed to tap into the strategic and economic benefits Macedonia offers.
Important Notes for a Smooth Transition
  • LLC Company Formation Without Physical Residence: You can open an LLC in Macedonia without needing a physical residence. We provide an address for your use, primarily for mailbox purposes.


  • Legal Assistance: Our legal team handles all the work to set up your LLC. You only need to send us valid documents like passports and ID.


  • Bank Account Setup: To set up your bank account, you’ll need to visit Macedonia once to sign all necessary paperwork.


  • Company Name Consistency: You can retain the same name as your U.S. LLC, ensuring brand consistency across borders.

We are dedicated to making the relocation process as straightforward and beneficial as possible for your transport operations, leveraging Macedonia’s strategic advantages for your business growth.

And remember, while we’re here to guide you through the process and offer expert advice, you’ll always have the final say in hiring decisions, ensuring your Macedonian team aligns with your company’s vision and standards.

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