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How you can benefit from Macedonia’s 8,000+ Skilled Pros

Macedonia’s Education and Workforce

Are you on the lookout for strategies to expand your transportation company and enhance its operations without compromising on quality? An effective solution could be to incorporate remote operatives from Macedonia into your daily business activities. This innovative approach not only opens the door to significant cost reductions—potentially saving up to $3,500 per operative every month, but it also streamlines the establishment of your business processes. 

Taking the first step towards tapping into Macedonia’s skilled labor pool is associated with low initial expenses. Our devoted team is on hand to ensure you find the ideal professionals (dispatchers, recruiters, safety officers etc.) to meet your company’s needs.

Macedonia places a high value on education, dedicating a significant portion of its GDP to this sector. The result is a well-educated workforce, with a majority of high school graduates advancing to higher education. This educational commitment produces a young, dynamic workforce, with a large segment under the age of 30.

Lowest labor costs in Macedonia

Macedonia leads with the most affordable hourly labor costs at only 5.3 euros, making it an ideal location for trucking companies looking for cost-effective solutions for critical operations such as dispatching, recruiting, and safety management, all while retaining access to a skilled workforce.

A Hub of Skilled Professionals in the Trucking Industry Awaits

Below, you will find promotional images from a range of trucking companies that are seeking or have sought, to fill positions such as dispatchers, after-hours specialists, recruiters, safety officers, fleet managers, accountants, and other office roles for their offices in Macedonia, which goes to show how many trucking companies have already opened their offices in the cities of Skopje, Shtip, Bitola, Strumica, Ohrid and other places in Macedonia.

Carriers from all sizes are benefting from having their offices in Macedonia. From smaller carriers with 2-20 trucks such as DigiTruckz and Dab Carrier Group, to larger fleets of 30-100 trucks like Eclectic Logistics and Unique Transport, to carriers with over 100 trucks such as Road Legends and LIV Enterprises, and even carriers between 200-500 trucks in their fleet like HMD TruckingAAA Freight and Z Transportation.

Macedonia is home to over 8,000 skilled professionals in the US trucking industry, offering a vast pool of talent for roles like senior dispatchers, accounting assistants, recruiters, fleet managers, and every other office position. With over 700 companies already taking advantage of Macedonia’s cost-effective labor market, the potential savings on salaries, compared to those in the U.S., are substantial. 

Moreover, the ability of many Macedonian professionals to speak Spanish is an added advantage, particularly for carriers who are working with Spanish-speaking drivers.

The experienced Macedonian dispatchers know their way around DAT and other load boards, the recruiters typically work on TenStreet or DriverReach, and the accountants usually use ProTransport, but even if you use other tools and software, the adaptation process should not be a problem.

Salary Comparison: USA vs. Macedonia

Monthly Salaries: USA vs. Macedonia

When you compare salaries for essential roles like dispatchers, recruiters, and safety officers, the differences between the U.S. and Macedonia are huge.

While U.S. salaries reflect the country’s higher living and operational costs, Macedonia’s lower cost of living allows companies to fill these roles for less than $1,000 per month on average. This can lead to huge savings for transportation companies, up to 70% on operational costs, without compromising on work quality

Macedonia’s Specialized Trucking Industry Academies

Macedonia also has specialized academies focused on trucking, like the Continental Dispatch Academy and Dispatch MK offering courses in truck dispatching and CDL-A Recruitment. Their main goal is two-fold: to make sure companies have access to well-trained professionals who can meet the industry’s specific demands at lower costs, as well as prepaire new young people to enter the exciting world of the US trucking industry, where they can earn above-average Macedonian salary.

Dispatch, Recruitment, Marketing and Safety Outsource Companies

But it’s not just US trucking companies that open their offices in Macedonia.

With all that talent available, there are a lot of US and Macedonian entrepreneurs who opened business process outsourcing companies (or BPO) that offer the same services as outsourcing.

Dispatch Outsource Companies from Macedonia

There are over 100 companies that offer truck dispatch services, such as House of Dispatch and Superior Dispatch Service.

Recruitment Outsource Companies from Macedonia

A lot of recruitment and marketing offices are present as well. Most of the outsource recruitment companies in Macedonia offer both lead generation (generating applications from OTR drivers) and recruitment, like a full-recruitment service, specificaly for OTR drivers.

Some of these companies are Fusion NowThe Drivers WorldCDL RecruitmentsCDL Worker and others.

Typically they charge between $500-$1500 per driver placed, after the driver has been with the company for over 2 or 4 weeks.

Marketing Outsource Companies from Macedonia

But one of the most notable companies, that only offers marketing services and is specializing in generating leads from CDL-A truck drivers for different carriers across the US is Truckers Flow

Truckers Flow has been around since 2017, generating leads for hundreds trucking companies in the US. It’s believed that they are one of the first companies on the Balkans and Macedonia to offer this service. They are also building their own job board platform called OpenOTR, to further scale their operations, efficiency and effectivness.

Most of these companies are registered in US, but run their operations from Macedonia.

Just like you could.


As you can see, in the last decade, Macedonia has become one of the most desirable places to open up operations offices for nearly thousand trucking related companies, because of all the positive benefits.

High-quality professionals, at 3-5 times lower cost per month, could be on your team, in a matter of weeks.

Relocating your office operations from the US to Macedonia will be one of the smartest strategic moves you can make, to make sure you have serious financial advantage for as long as you are in business. 


Partner with Us for Your Operations Move to Macedonia

Thinking about moving your business operations? We’re here to:

  • connect you with the right professionals (dispatchers, recruiters, accountants, safety officers, fleet managers, etc)
  • provide legal counsel, and open your Macedonian LLC (DOO)
  • provide accounting services for the Macedonian branch of your business and make sure you are tax compliant while making sure you save as much as possible on taxes

You can count on us for your accounting, legal, and HR needs in Macedonia.

Get in touch with us to start the process of opening your offices in Macedonia that will significantly boost your profits during the “good market years” and save your company from bankruptcy when the next “down market” hits.

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